The Plan Details

Project Name: Rolling Thunder – I’m not a Vietnam Junkie. A friend mentioned it and it stuck.

Objective: To cycle solo from London the Istanbul camping as much as possible by Christmas 09

Secondary Objectives:

  • To write some sort of journal or blog to document my thoughts and reflections on the trip.
  • To understand more about photography by taking more photos
  • To pick up some new language skills
  • To say yes more times than I say no
  • To not just waste my time up the wall drinking and partying
  • To be open minded and not give in to pre conceived ideas and opinions
  • To stay away from the familiar especially tourist buses, Kodak photo spots and Irish pubs

Key Principles:

  • In between my 3 way points of Amsterdam, Hamburg and Istanbul, to be completely flexible and adaptable and not tied to any route or landmark and follow my nose

3 Key Phases:

1: London to Amsterdam –Acclimatisation – 175 miles

2: Amsterdam to Hamburg – Figuring out a camping and cycling routine – 550 miles

3: Hamburg to Istanbul – Completing the task  1,400 miles

Stretch Target: Continue from Istanbul to Thailand

PIR Due Date: Old work conditioning forced me to write this.


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