Money Matters

Fascinating Money Facts

  • Average Daily Spend  (Ex Pre Trip): 26.50 Euro
  • Cheapest Camp-site: 6 Euro (Holland/ Germany Border)
  • Most Expensive Campsite: 14 Euro (South of Amsterdam)
  • Most Expensive Accommodation (Inc Breakfast):  51 Euro (South of Elbe River prior to Hamburg)

Pre Trip Spend (All bought whilst working, everything else I already had)

  • Bike Service, 2 new Schwab tyres, rear bike rack, basic tools = £210
  • Ortileb Rear Clasics,  Ortileb Handle bar bag, small dry bag = £160
  • 1 Northface tent, 1 Thermarest Sleeping mat = £250
  • 1 Pocket Rocket Cook Stove = £30
  • 1 Samsung net book N110 & accessories = £350
  • 1 single overnight ferry ticket from Harwich – Hoek of Holland £60
  • Other miscellaneous – Water bottle, bungee cords, toiletries £50
  • Specialist Insurance £120
  • Total £1,230

2 Responses to Money Matters

  1. matthew newton says:

    Thanks for the money info.
    But what about the actual travel budget?
    How much have you allowed yourself for the whole trip?
    And how much have you spent so far?

    • Myles says:

      Hello Matthew, thanks for your question. Once I finished writing the blog Im amazed how many people still come across it. To answer your question I spent about 20 Euro per day meaning a total of 2,100 in 3 1/2 months. This excludes £1,200 pre trip expenses and flight home which was about £100. I really really did go for the cheap options and think a better guide would be 25 -30 Euro for a bit of extra comfort. The big problem was that the Euro was the worst exchange rate ever so I did get stung quite badly. Please email me on if you want any further information. Cheers

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