The Enemies

November 20, 2009

All hero’s need a foe and I have three of them. They are not the Joker or The Iceman but they are still a challenge.

I have written an ongoing account of ‘The Dogs’ but today I had a day of the ‘The Lorries’ and ‘The Tunnels’ as I cut through the mountainous border from Serbia to Bulgaria.

The scenery was truly stunning with deep tree-lined valley’s, blue skies and village life lining the roads. The problem was the international single lane highway that was my only route through.

The Nice Bit

The Lorries

The Tunnels

The Lorries and the Tunnels Together!

Its Raining Sweet Potatoes

November 15, 2009

Getting a good slipstream is a luxury when you have been pedalling into a headwind for a few hours. The further East I pedal the more slipstreaming possibilities are presented.

I have had tractors, horse and carts, East Geman Trabbi’s with ‘mature’ drivers hunched over the steering wheel, road diggers and more slow Trabbi’s blowing big billows of pungent smoke out of the exhaust.

Today I was lucky to pick up a large lorry and stick on the back of it for a few kilometres between Novi Sad and Belgrade.  Not only did this dirty brute offer my legs a welcome break but also some protection from vehicles approaching too fast from behind.

I could see the line of dirty roundish objects along the back rim of the truck lightly bouncing with the rumble of the road about a meter above my head. Everything was going fine and the inevitable ‘big’  bump in the road appeared creating a shower with one of my favourite vegetables.  I was pleased to take no direct hits but sad to lose my ride.

I am not sure what the epitaph for a fatal collision with a potato might read.