Back To Reality: R.I.P

Having spent 3 months doing something a little bit different to my usual routine has been hard work 🙂 but also deeply rewarding.

In the real world I have written a few Post Implementation Reviews (P.I.R)  in my time and I would feel lost and exposed if didn’t close this little project down with some closing reflection, thought and learning’s.  At least if I did decide to go around the world on my bicycle I will be able to glean a few hints from this blog rather than my decaying memory.

I do not expect any style points for my bullet point approach. I have achieved what I set out to achieve and this exercise now feels a bit on the laborious side.

Kit Changes to Consider

  • A Brookes Saddle
  • For anything lengthy to consider a specialist bike with a kick stand and multiple handle bar positions, more than one water bottle.
  • A 2 man tent that fits all bags inside
  • Full length Zip on Sleeping Bag
  • Reduce the amount of medicine carried
  • 2 pairs of Gloves. One for very cold weather
  • Switch the top dry back for the Ortileb Racapac System
  • A light headscarf to wear under the helmet.
  • An I phone (or similar) would be useful as one unit for IPod, Information Storage, GPS locator and Telephone (via Skype also)

Particularly Good Kit

  • MSR Pocket Rocket (But would use multiple fuel system such as Whisperlite for longer or more remote trip)
  • Samsung N110 Netbook has been strong. Battery Life superb
  • Ortileb Carrying Bags
  • Cats Eye bike computer
  • Alturna Rain Jacket. (Present on Route)
  • Shimano Trekking SPD (Clip out 3 directions for more leg movement). Getting these was a stroke of luck since my original firm bottom mountain bike shoes were stolen.

Items that would be Very Useful but No  Solution

  • A multiple power source adaptor.

The Remaining Dilemma

  • The question of tyres still remains. I used mountain bike tread for the whole trip which meant the benefit of zero punctures and ability to ride more difficult routes. The downside is leg pain and slower speed.

The Top 5 Cycling Moments:

  • Arriving on the ferry at 7.00am at the Hoek of Holland and standing on the silent quayside watching boats about to start my adventure
  • Seeing the TV tower of Alexplatz Berlin in the distance as I approach the city. This was the point when I realized that getting to Istanbul was going to be a breeze.
  • Cycling into Vukovar Croatia was a sobering but very impactful
  • The day of horrendous Czech Republic weather
  • One Epic Day out of Dresden and hitting 1000 mile mark.

Top Things Learned:

  • Don’t ever cut corners on sleeping comfort. I chose the smallest tent in the world, a 3/4 sleeping mat, and making a pillow from clothes and a stuff sack. It is better to carry heavier equipment for a good camping comfort.
  • Learn More about Bicycle and maintenance prior to any trip.
  • About Blogging and some of the tools available.
  • A reinforced belief that people everywhere are generally ‘good’ and not ‘evil’
  • History, Economics, Culture, languages and Politics of a host of new.

Objectives Vs Plan

  • The Plan was pretty clear. I did it all. My only real disappointment being not camping as much as I would have liked. This was mainly prevented by some really tough weather and not the right equipment to deal with it

One Word to Describe

Day One Word to Describe Today
1 Epic
2 Liberating
3 Miserable
4 Buzzing
5 Intoxicated
6 Chilled
7 Serene
8 Windy
9 Great
10 Interesting
11 Boring
12 Marathon
13 Relieved
14 Reflective
15 Wandering
16 Fascinating
17 Political
18 Reading
19 Waiting
20 Spaced
21 Interesting
22 Constructive
23 Practical
24 Lost
25 Prepared
26 Relaxed
27 Beautiful
28 Contemplative
29 Demasciado
30 Euphoric
1 Writing
2 Writing
3 Shoes
4 Jagermeister
5 Relaxed
6 Annoyed
7 Relaxed
8 Windy
9 Torturous
10 Best
11 Tired
12 Miserable
13 Constructive
14 Freezing
15 Tough
16 Lonely
17 Drunk
18 Constructive
19 Pleasant
20 Relieved
21 Sunshine
22 Tired
23 Sociable
24 Fun
25 Straight
26 Denny
27 Awesome
28 Goulash
29 Tired
30 Sunshine
31 Relaxed
1 Feri
2 Spa
3 Food
4 Lost
5 Birthday
6 DVDs
7 Motel
8 Wet
9 Lou Reed
10 Shocked
11 Administration
12 Good
13 Castle
14 Scary
15 Relaxed
16 Castle
17 Hills
18 Solid
19 2000
20 Tunnels
21 Strong
22 Calm
23 Ken
24 Fun
25 Experience
26 Backwards
27 English
28 Sensations
29 Lambs Liver
30 Highway
1 Headwind
2 Dangerous
3 Achievement

2 Responses to Back To Reality: R.I.P

  1. jan willem says:

    hej Myles!
    great blog! I’m in a hostel in bergamma at the moment… If you ever want to hitchhike in Turkey, its the best place! It happend several times that the first car who came by stoped =)
    enjoy your last days in Istanbul, and good luck with your next adventure!
    (btw, the next time your visiting the Netherlands, come and see Giessenoudkerk! sounds maybe a little strange, but worth a visit…)

  2. Ann Wilson says:

    Hi Myles,

    I’m just taking some time out from a difficult stretch across India and checked out your blog. Congratulations on reaching your goal! I have a feeling it may seem quite unreal after the fact. Great to look back on over the coming years though. I wonder how long it takes to start itching for all that uncertainty again?

    Well Done,


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