Mr Liver Lover

Cycling consumes vast calories apparently. Based on my body weight and lightning pace I should be burning about 800 calories per hour. This gives me a very good excuse for managing to eat the sort of 40 square Milka chocolate bar that is designed to be consumed as a treat over a few weeks.It is not surprising that my six-pack is still hiding.

Junk food aside, travel by bicycle is a great way to engage in culinary pursuits as I am usually ravenous and salivating as I enter the eating establishments.

My award for best food on this European cycle tour goes to Edirne in Turkey. (I still have about 125km to reach Istanbul but I am confident it will not be surpassed)

I am like a starving zombie working my way through the misty atmospheric streets of Edirne in the early twilight hunting down a source of sustenance. Ahead I see my Mecca and focused head straight through the door to the nearest waiter and grunt “Menu please”. Mr Liver Lover then says in perfect English” You know that this is a liver restaurant and we only serve one dish” I snappily respond with “Well bring me the biggest dish of liver that you have”

Almost immediately Mr Liver Lover proudly presents me with a plate of whole bits of liver that has been fried in a huge cauldron of vegetable oil, a basket of bread, hot dried chillies, onions and tomatoes.

In 36 hours in Edirne I ate nothing but Liver from Mr Liver Lover. Forget McDonald’s this is a Franchise that the word needs to know about.


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