Could I Pedal Round the World?

Bicycle touring is as old as the bicycle which is  about 200 years old. There are resources galore on the internet to search for information, kit lists and personal journals. There are whole communities of people who take part in this type of activity in one form or another.

In setting out on this trip I thought I might of come across a few like-minded people but in over 2000 miles I have not personally come across anybody. I was starting to think perhaps it was all a myth but today I have had the pleasure of meeting Ken from England and a guy from Switzerland. In a moment, with all our 3 bikes loaded out in the middle of Sofia I felt like a long distance Bicycle Tourer.

Even better I was going to spend a couple of days cycling through Bulgaria with Ken which would give me a completely new experience. Ken Roberts is doing a monster journey of 45,000 miles across 5 continents to raise money and awareness for the Outward Bound Trust and to Inspire people to explore their potential through discovery and adventure.

We had set off from England within a day of each other and spent hours making our way through the Bulgarian countryside discussing all the details and stories of our adventures so far.

I enjoyed cycling 50 miles and not even thinking about it. I enjoyed slipstreaming and pacing each other. I enjoyed a shared experience.  I enjoyed learning vast amounts from Ken about survival medicine, bike maintenance and equipment choices.

My particular favourite being learning of the ‘Honey Badger‘ a fearless and aggressive creature found in Africa that when mad goes straight for the testicles. Unfortunately I will not get the opportunity to meet one of these on my adventure.

The question remains whether I could manage to pedal my way all the way round the world. Meeting Ken has certainly sparked a very serious question that had not been considered before.


3 Responses to Could I Pedal Round the World?

  1. mumsy says:

    oh dear !!!!!!

  2. Mark says:

    Well now you’re almost there why not carry on through to Iran? Just make sure not to camp too close to any recently built suspiciously unmarked installations..

    Anyway, big congrats from 2 lazy beach bums on nearing the end of the first leg of your world tour, we’ve enjoyed reading the updates & we’ll raise a coconut for you! Back to reality next week for us 😦

    PS Mandy’s Brazilian sister Leticia says hello! Do you remember her?

  3. BT says:

    I’m surprised its taken that long to ask the question chap…..just remember 3 weddings next yr so make sure you’ve got plane money.

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