Day Off

Today In Sofia I had decided that my bicycle would stay out of  sight and chained to a railing. It is a constant consideration and taking a break every once in a while keeps our relationship fresh.

With this in mind I have a whole beautiful sunny day to explore Sofia. As I am munching through a bowl of muesli and yoghurt I hear on the grapevine that there is a car driving up to the Rilla Monastery in the hills. I jump at the chance to be chauffeured for a couple of hours out-of-town in the passenger seat.  I enjoy the
perspective staring out from behind the wind shield. It’s a pleasant break daydreaming without the sensations of wind and the elements on my face, sounds of the environment, and constant focus on my surroundings. I spend a few minutes analysing what a driver might see as he would approach a cyclist in a hi visability top from behind. I feel happy with my colourful cycling set up.

I don’t believe in the hocus pocus of Gods and religions but I have always enjoyed the serene environment of religious places. The Rilla monastery is a particularly nice one situated high in the mountains. There is lots of information and stories but I leave that to the experts while I enjoy ambling around, sipping a cold beer and enjoying the sun on my face.

I take a moment also to purge myself from all my sins. All l I have to do to achieve this is to enter a cave  where a monk lived on one side and then come out the other.

Naturally before I purge my sins I take a photograph of the ‘God Profiteer’ and think some very un-pure thoughts. Getting out of the Cave was  a bit of a squeeze.


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