“All Roads Lead Somewhere”

I think this is a quote. Or maybe it is “All Roads Lead to Rome.” I don’t know. Whatever the case I have used the philosophy a few times and the annoying fact is that very often roads go somewhere but unfortunately it is not always the place you want to go to. Secondly and more importantly once the road has gone to the place you don’t want it to go it quite often stops.

Leaving the very busy, dirty and bustling Belgrade on a bicycle is something that I would only wish to ever do once. Today after being 100% focused for two hours with lunatics for company on the roads, I make it out alive.

Panting my way up a gigantic mountain and into some beautiful country I then enjoy a long leisurely coast down the other side. I like to think that I know better than any map and was distraught when all of a sudden the road ended abruptly after 20kms.  I frantically gathered a whole audience in a tiny village as I tried to get them to explain how I could cut through to where I wanted to be. After a few minutes and many hand gestures I realized that it was tail between my legs back up the mountain and into Belgrade to do the thing I hoped I would never have to do again; one more time.

These are the moments that my dad would describe as character building.


3 Responses to “All Roads Lead Somewhere”

  1. christopher says:

    character building is right.

    now do it again with nipple clamps on

  2. Janey says:

    Even when there is a dead end in the literal sense, there is a reason that you’ve got to that point…everything happens for a reason, maybe it’s not immediately apparent but retrospectively maybe something will resonate, even something as simple as…….

  3. Myles says:

    So my fate is pre-determined?

    Does this mean that the nipple clamps will or will not happen?!

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