Hungary Myles

Hungary is a brilliant country. I have spent 3 weeks here and there are no complaints except for the lack of dog leads.

I have not eaten a single kebab in Hungary which says everything about the food.

“Tags: Paprika, goulash, poppy seed flavor, noodles like dumplings, calf hoof, hearty, liver, post cycle dream meals, egg yolk soup”

The gift of a 2006 bottle of Hungarian Gere wine was a pleasure to drink. Apparently 2003 was a better year but what difference does a couple of years make anyway.

Wine notes: fruity, deep, dark, drinkable…….. errrrr…. alcoholic, buy another bottle

The people have been warm and friendly throughout with constant waves and greetings. They approach in a moment if I look lost which is often since I don’t have a map and will go so far out of their way to help. They makes me think seriously about my own impatience in helping a stranger at home.

Feri the man who in Esztergom I asked if he would mind taking this photo.  A few days later he was giving a full day’s guided tour of Budapest, gifting books and bottles of wine and taking us for dinner in his favorite restaurant

Feri is a very keen photographer


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