Mystical Occurences In Prague

When I was in Dresden I met 2 guys from the USA and Scotland and we chatted for a while about our travels and experiences. I then cycled for 3 days where as if by a miracle I bumped into them with my bike on the main thoroughfare through Prague by the the beautiful Charles Bridge. This was at the exact point when I was desperate to find somewhere to stay. As we wandered though the streets together towards their hostel we all remarked the usual banter when these seemingly bizzare things happen.

“wow” “how did that happen?” “What are the odds of that?” “It must of meant to happen?” “Its fate”

This has been bugging me for a while now since I seem to notice more of these coincidental occurrences.  I saw the same old red lorry in 3 completely different places cycling from Northern Austria towards Vienna  over 5 hours and 70 miles. I became convinced I was being stalked like the famous stalking tanker truck in the film ‘Duel’.

I need a statistician and unfortunately I have not found one yet. Surely though  in the same way you cannot decide the odds of an event happening after the event, you can’t state how amazing or coincidental something might of been after it occurred. Unless of course you have predicted it might happen before the event.

This is a  sobering thought since all those amazing supposed fateful occurences are surely simple probability mistakes.

I clearly need to think some more on this.

My pictures of Prague’s Charles Street Band to lighten this thought and change my mood.

Charles Bridge





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