Oh Vienna

Entering Vienna after a 99 mile marathon cycle I was feeling a little delirious. It was about 9.30pm and combined with my delirium the interesting lighting of significant buildings, party goers in the streets  I found Vienna enchanting and a potentially exciting place.

In the cold light of the following day with less heightened senses I felt a little bit disappointed with my initial eagerness.

I enjoyed wandering around  joining the Viennese in their famed cafe culture paying 8 Euros for a coffee and slice of cake. The endless grand architecture, statues, musical and operatic references becoming much of a muchness with time.

Fortunately I came across a display of the Austrian Military might which pricked my interest. They had it all – tanks and guns for killing and medical units to clean up the mess afterwards.  Better still you could climb on and inside everything.

I took the opportunity to get acquainted with the biggest calibre gun on show.

Mighty Military


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