Little Green Man

Sometimes it can get a little lonely cycling.

The nature  I see truly is beautiful and the further I get from cities the more striking it becomes.  However,  if I cycle for 6 or 7 hours nature cannot hold my attention indefinitely and a moment with someone familiar would be appreciated.

Fortunately, I have found a small antidote as I have moved further East.  The road sign characters have so much charm and every time I pass one they really make me smile.  The beauty is that I think there is a whole family and coming across a new addition or better outfit deepens my fondness.


I imagine my new friends are from an era 5o years ago with their flared trousers, heeled shoes, top hats and pig tails. I particularly like the flowing scarf of the motorcycle rider. There seems to be nothing about the depiction of the people and vehicles that is relevant today, but in this case I hope they don’t change with the times.

Daddy Tophat & Pigtail Judy

My favourite so far has been the Green Man of the former East Germany. He doesn’t have too many details but he has the best hat and is clearly a man walking with purpose which I suppose makes sense at a road crossing.

Disspointing Picture of The Green Man

(As a side point there is no suggestion that I am swapping real friends for the imaginary type)


4 Responses to Little Green Man

  1. sumo says:

    Hi Miles,

    Just to say good luck. Your dad’s kept me up to date with your latest adventure !!

    Have you any idea when you will reach Turkey’s Capital ??? And will you get the train back?? Or how will you return ??

    Best Wishes, SUMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Myles says:


      I’m aiming for Istanbul not Ankara, saying that I suppose I could try and go a little further. I’ve not decided yet. My last thought was to buy an old East European Trabbi and drive it back as a Christmas present for Dad!


  2. christof says:

    dude…that’s a cute blog. thanks for sharing

    sorry for not getting round to fb reply. just running around like a headless chicken right now

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