Today Is the Greatest

Some rare days everything just falls perfectly into place. Today is one of them:

  • I leave Dresden on a beautiful sunny but fresh morning straight onto 60 miles of cycle paths through a beautiful forest lined valley.

Near Czech Republic Border

  • I Find the long lost Smashing Pumpkin’s  Siamese Dream album on my Ipod and listen to it 3 times.
  • Hit the 1000 mile mark. (Photo at exact spot)

1000 Mile Mark

  • Cross the border into the Czech Republic.
  • Do a 500 meter hill climb to a nature park with beautiful sunset.
  • Complete 75 miles.
  • Spend virtually no money because I have the foresight to prepare a picnic to sit and eat by the river Elbe.
  • Ran across a train track with my bike after the gates had come down. Something Ive always wanted to do.
  • Virtually no cars which means no helmet which means comfortable head.

OK, I never really believed in absolutes  but although it was not quite perfect it has been my favourite day on the bike so far. The things that didn’t go so well:

  • I wanted the day to keep going and let it go until it turned night and I realised that I didn’t understand any of the Czech language and so couldn’t find anywhere to stay.
  • Assumed the Czech used the Euro and when I stopped in a small cafe didn’t know the exchange rate and paid 8 Euro for a coke and bounty.
  • Having spent a day in real beauty I expected to share my 1000 mile mark in a great spot. It turned out to be next to a mountain of dirt in some dusty quarry.

3 Responses to Today Is the Greatest

  1. Gavin says:

    …is the greatest day…i’ve ever known.
    Cant live for tomorrow
    Tomorrows much too long
    I burn my eyes out
    Before I get out

  2. Myles says:

    You got it. I wouldnt of expected anything less.

  3. Steve Sul says:

    yay smashing pumpkins! first reference i heard to this song… in ever… well, except for guitar hero, but that doesn’t count

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