Computer Age

Blogging – I don’t get it. In the same way I can’t really get my head around Twitter or Facebook or Meebo or My Space or any of the multitude of social media tools. Isn’t it all just about communication?

In the absence of any good ideas of my own I did a search on this wordpress blogging site and it came up with 1,186,628 results which means any suggestion I have has probably already been suggested, analysed and debated which saves me a job.  Doing another little search on Google Technocrati  there are 50 million bloggers and this doubles every 6 months or so.

What was everybody doing before they were blogging?

I have planted myself in a hostel for a couple of days which is an eye opener in itself.  A bunch of young people from all over the world sat in one place and what does everybody do in the communal area all day?

How many can you spot?

more ...

Of course I am a complete hypocrite because I too don’t do anything to attempt to forge any real human relationship with anyone.  Naturally I have a very good excuse though in that Ive been on my bike and need to do some on-line catch up 😉

One enlightened German (who I am suspecting didn’t have a laptop) broke the silence creating a great game of the classic board game Risk. I fought hard for world domination, we shouted, discussed, debated and made facial signals at one another the old fashioned way. Naturally I won based on the number of territories I had. The leading German of course claimed he won on the basis of strength of his army.

So now I have my Journal or Blog of my trip to Istanbul. I have enjoyed writing this for the current  audience of myself and to record and document my bicycle trip. The missing ingredient is that although it is the public domain I have not communicated it for 32 days and I have had a grand total of 13 hits (which was me trying it from another computer and not this one to see if it worked).

I am intrigued to see what will happen now I have joined the 50 million other blogs.


5 Responses to Computer Age

  1. christof says:

    yeh i think you can definitely consider letting it out to a wider audience.

    just be aware that the knowledge that you have let others read what you have to say might change the nature of your writing. up till now it has been protected by its secerecy.

    perhaps once you open it up you will become tainted by your observers…. the heisenberg’s uncertainty principle of blogging

  2. mingos says:

    Hola from Peru! Didn´t take long to go international did it. World domination coming soon, next stop the clown on the ISS!

  3. mingos says:

    Also enjoying the silent common room broken only by the tap tap of keyboards, lit purely from the dim glow of the screens and ultra low energy bulbs.

    Although if memory from past travels serves me, before the all powerful interspaz everyone still sat in silence apart from a subtitled Jacky Chan film…surely an evolution of sorts?

  4. […] The Return of the Hostel Jump to Comments I have jumped to some mighty negative conclusions on my earlier hostel entry. In the ones I had stayed in up until now they did not have the special quality of a place where people can connect and instead everybody had resorted to plugging into the virtual world. […]

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