Welcome to my office

I love visiting the bäckerei as I travel from place to place. In Havelberg I was fortunate enough to find myself holed up for 2 hours in one with an excuse of pouring rain to sit, admire, taste and smell freshly baking delicacies.

Donuts Donuts Donuts

To counter my ongoing references to donuts and slightly worried that the spare tyre may need to be renamed ‘spare donut’ I did a small experiment with my polar heart rate monitor. In a one hour stint at a pretty rapid pace of 13 mph covering my average heart rate was 128 with a max of 150 bpm. According to my body stats that is equal to 1046 calories burned.

Using Krispy Cremes as a proxy for calorific value of a donut and based on the original glazed this equals 200 calories. That therefore means that if I cycle for 5 hours in a day that means I can safely eat 26 donuts.


One Response to Welcome to my office

  1. christof says:


    Yes. I do this kind of thing ALL the time. I use pizza though

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