Ecowarrier – You really are Myles Away

Solitary cycling for longer lengths of time I start to realise that some seemingly profound thoughts and rhythms can start to circulate through the mind.  Unsure if it is something read, a connection made or conversation had, it can be really quite entertaining but probably dangerously too ‘deep’.

Anyway all that said, the following crossed my mind so Im going to record it. I do not know how this will read since it is a dramatic simplification of a personal reflection & feeling that all occurred in a moment.  Ive only got a limited vocabulary and grammar so unfortunately any expression must be limited and unfortunately extremely flowery.

This is how it went…… I’m cruising nicely along, maybe 5 hours into a day’s cycle, got a nice sweat on. I am gazing out admiring nature and really getting it and enjoying its company. Travelling down a German county road everything natural starts to evolve…. A hedge, a gate, a stone wall, a redbrick barn, a house, a postbox, an advertising hoarding, factory and then suddenly it amazes  me that absolutely everything that humans  have created that they have done it just using the resources that earth has provided. Taking this a step further and back to my school chemistry days  it then astounded me to think that everything had been made from the 90 or so periodic elements (I just looked and apparently there are 118 now )

Come back to Earth Myles Away

Anyway this thought really sticks and becomes even more striking as I pass more and more complicated human inventions. A sense of wonderment flows through me as the mind flicks through some of the iterations of how these creations came about, their historical needs, inventors and mass of different interactions required to create all the complexity.

Enjoying this thought I am then again taken aback  with something new. ‘Hold on’ I say to myself how come nature has never charged a single penny for all the value that she provides and what gives us the right to charge for the value we create?

Im baffled at first but then it becomes  obvious insofar that we humans need an incentive otherwise we have no development of civilisation or progress. But then feeling super at one with my natural surroundings I jump on my ecowarrier crusade in that mother nature never asked for an incentive so why do we?

At that point I will leave it since this circular questioning does not stop like the young child in the question that doesn’t know when to stop asking why.

Note to self:  Seriously you need to stop and have another donut


3 Responses to Ecowarrier – You really are Myles Away

  1. mumsy says:

    that one was a bit too heavy for me Mylesx

  2. $$ says:

    Muff, i love this kinda stuff. you must really be chilled out to be able to remember this random circular thought process that probably only took a minute or two to wizz through you head.

    i get these all the time, but have never managed to get one out of my head – keep them coming!

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