Why are you laughing?

German is a difficult language. Apparently in my brief attempt to learn it I sound like I am trying to give it a Spanish accent which sounds ‘sweet’. I will persevere out of courtesy more than anything since I know everybody (certainly in the cities)  speaks English and in some cases have more vocabulary than I.There are some circumstances with language which evoke a feeling of awkwardness that I quite like but still don’t know the best solution to dealing with it.

When in a group of friends or new people conversing in a language that you understand nothing of do you:

  • Gaze past the group looking into nothing – Disengaged
  • Fidget profusely with something – Irritated
  • Pretend to do something that doesn’t need doing – What is he doing?
  • Escape with a toilet break that you don’t need – Again?
  • Or my personal favourite nod your head in synchronisation with everybody else conversing in the group, smiling when they do and then reaching a crescendo of a laugh only to realise you don’t know what you are laughing at – His German must be great

One Response to Why are you laughing?

  1. $$ says:

    i have this dilemma quite often and tend to opt for you preferred approach too, however there are also times when ignorance is bliss – so don’t rule out option 1.

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