Continental Beer Drinking

I did the research on average German’s drink 10.2 litres per head, the UK 11.2 litres per capita and this data doesn’t even include the under 15 age range which would bump up our figures even further. We win again ūüôā

More Stats

Where perhaps the Germans do win, however, is in style.  Having spent 2 weeks in Hamburg and Berlin they constantly seem to be drinking at a steady pace be it at breakfast, in the street, in the bar, at 3.00am. The streets are littered with empty bottles but then there is a constant second wave of bottle collectors there to pick up the pieces and claim the 8 cents each item they recycle. Naturally I have enjoyed the experience of wandering the streets with an open beer bottle without the cares of authority or stigma of being an alcoholic. I test out the bottle collection approach leaving a beer bottle by a lamp post then timing just over 12 minutes before an old man collects his winnings.

Of course there is always then the question of how drunkenness is expressed. Germans resemble the tortoise approach of slow and steady where the UK its the hare method of go hard or go home.  On reaching the plateaux of feeling a bit giddy, I find it a challenge to hold back my inclination to want to dance on tables, shout at the top of my voice, dance outrageously, get kebab down my T-shirt or end up in a gutter (this only ever happened once and my age would of  prevented making it into official alcohol consumption statistics).

Note to self: Tortoise approach prevents¬†embarrassment¬†and enables cornflakes with ‘a’ beer.


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