The Idea

The seeds of a long distance cycle tour were set in Colombia 5 years ago. There I met a young Japanese man who turned up at a hostel in Bogota late in the night in colourful tight fitting lyrca. On striking up a conversation it turned out he was cycling from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego and the FARC had just stolen absolutely everything except his clothes. He was now going to get another bike and continue with his Journey.  On this thought I decided that when I get home Im going to cycle the length of the UK. Procrastination prevented this but the idea always stuck although the practicalities and really pedantic little negative questions seemed to be holding me back more than my will.  The security seeking side of me was fighting to protect the things as they are; while the inquisitive risk taker was wanting to break free.

  • Where would I leave my bike every night?
  • What about the roads and safety?
  • It will cost too much money
  • Am I fit enough?
  • What if I get lost?
  • Ill be lonely on my bike all alone?

Pin pointing the catalyst for breaking through the questions is not precisely clear and neither is the jump from a quick jaunt the length of the UK to a lengthier London to Istanbul trip.

The question I asked myself was in my duality. Was the security seeking side always going to win and how would the freedom seeking side feel in 30 year time by which time my legs wouldn’t probably be up to it? As for the trip, well the more I broke it down into its component parts the easier it seemed. Now Im doing it. The pointlessness of all the little questions is all too evident and bigger ideas are brewing.


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